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I Buy the widest selection of scarce, vintage records: • I Buy 78RPM Records, especially from 1923-38: Blues, Jazz, String Bands, Hot Dance Bands, Cajun and Gospel.

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More than a digitally perfect CD, and way more than a compressed audio file downloaded to a portable device, a vinyl record is a record, if you will, of an artist or

The Floating Record Vertical Turntable has raised over $270,000 on Kickstarter, The Record Collectors Guild Forum is back up and running.

Contact / Sell Your Records. With years of sales in record collector publications As a collector who resells to serious collectors I pay much more than

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How to Sell Old Phonograph Records. Do you have a stash of old records you’d like to sell? There are many collectors who are willing to deal with you to buy that

How to price vinyl records and find the value of vinyl record collections. Search for vinyl record prices and view a list of the most expensive records.

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How Much Are Your Old Records Really most collectors who remember and purchase records made before 1950 Record companies have been recording in stereo

Vintage classical vinyl records are prized by collectors for their warm sound quality compared to digital as well as the fact that many rare or out-of-print titles

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Sell Records – Sell LPs – Vintage Vinyl Records. Open 7 days in Fords, NJ or shop online. How much do you pay for each record, CD or DVD?

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